Aloha and Welcome!

The "Free Radio Hawaii" is a project created to make it easier for people in Hawaii to use low cost and free radio services to stay connected in Hawaii. This project aims to help coordinate and advise in the use of several radio services by providing the following:

     - What equipment or licensing (if any) will be required.
     - Suggested frequency usage for coordinated testing.
     - Suggested times of operation for coordinated testing.

This project aims to educate and to offer and out the box solution to get Hawaii radio operators on the same page. From every day communication to emergency communications during a disaster, the coordinated use of these radio services has amazing potential.
4/2/2020 UPDATE - The following frequencies are being suggested at this time in the event of a "grid down" event in Ocean View, HI.

CB Channel 11 - 27.085 MHz.
FRS Channel 11 - 467.6375 MHz.
GMRS Channel 16 - 462.575 MHz.
MURS Channel 3 - 151.940 MHz.
Free Radio Hawaii