Aloha, my name is Larry Hultberg. I live in Ocean View, Hawaii.
I will be documenting all aspects of this project on

Free Radio Hawaii is a project dedicated to bulding a radio based community social network of both licensed AND unlicensed radio operators.

The goals of this project include but are not limited to:

     Determining community interest in "emergency" and "social" radio communications.
     Determining licensed radio operators interest in working directly with their local communities.
     Providing information (via webpage) to aid in creation, use and promotion of community radio networks.

Our communities are more connected than ever in 2019. We have intricate networks of neighbours, groups, orginizations and friends who communicate daily using telephones and the internet. News often travels faster on social media than through served agencies or mainstream media. We have the ability to send more data at the push of a button than ever before and the gap between the old days of passing "welfare messages" and "emergency traffic" and live streaming high resolution video at ground zero is greater than ever. Many agencies have begun diseminating information directly to the public via the internet.

All of this connectivity comes at a price. In the event that the internet or the telephone systems or power grid or any and all of them "go down" or become inaccessable, communities are left with no information and no means of communication. Storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and even accidents can leave our modern communications networks disabled for hours or days.

Amateur Radio operators involved with emergency communications orginizations often stand at the ready with almost no ability to gather information from the community. If and when important information from the state or civil defence is received there is almost no way to relay that information to the community.

I propose the following:

     Use existing social media networks to determine interest.
     Create a website to educate and coordinate -
     Create a Hawaii "band plan" for FRS, GMRS and CBRS
     Create local Schedules of operation or at least suggest times to listen or make calls.

At this point, I would like to emphasize that this project is in its infancy. I have the domain registered and hosted but nothing else is set in stone. I would greatly appreciate any and all input. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you feel would have interest.
Mission Draft